Diversity & Incursion Consultation

Dr. Al-Mahdi believes that Diversity and Inclusion goes beyond the traditional focus on race and gender. She believes that a truly effective D&I strategy considers all the factors that make individuals different as well as those factors that they have in common. The ultimate goal of D&I consulting services provided by Dr. Al-Mahdi is to provide education on all aspects of diversity to create an understanding before creating a environment that is not only diverse in its makeup but that is also inclusive in its practices and behaviors and one where all parties are engaged and productive. Dr. Al-Mahdi partners with each organization or business to customizes D&I solutions to the specific needs of each client. Dr. Al-Mahdi works with each clients to help them discover where they are and where they want to go.

Dr. Al-Mahdi currently offers the following consulting services:

  • Measurement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Selecting, Hiring & Developing a Diversity Manager