The Mind is everything, what you think you become.




Our therapeutic approach is collaborative, creative, and deeply effective. We help with immediate problems or long-standing struggles. People are naturally vibrant and resilient, but our access to this vibrancy often becomes blocked as we are forced to adjust to life’s challenges. We help you gain awareness of how and why you have lost access to meaningful parts of yourself, find ways to remove obstacles to emotional growth and move towards a life that feels more connected and alive. In doing so, we attend to pass and present circumstances, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and the body.
We work with individuals, children and adolscents, couples, and families from diverse backgrounds, including culture, ethnicity, religion and faith, abilities and disabilities, and sexual preference, orientation, and identification. We believe all people, regardless of age, have an innate capacity to grow, heal, and change if they are provided with the tools to change in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment. We use an integrative framework, including evidence-based strategies, to provide a holistic, relational, and experiential approach to change.  Our therapists are easy to talk with, creative, supportive, and great listeners. We listen for solutions while, simultaneously, connecting the past to the present in order to achieve thorough healing.


During your first appointment, you can expect to discuss your concerns and challenges. Your therapist will offer insights and encouragement as you discuss details that you feel comfortable sharing. Therapy can be short-term and focus on specific challenges or long-term to foster personal growth and reflection. We work with you to achieve your goals and reach your highest potential.

The first appointment lasts for approximately 75-90 minutes. The typical therapy session will last 45-50 minutes. During your first three sessions, you will collaborate with your therapist to create goals for treatment and develop your treatment plan.  Please visit the services page on this website to gain more information about specific treatment options for you and/or your family.