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About Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word used to describe ‘Universal (Spiritual) Life Force Energy.’ There are various methods of Reiki, however most practitioners use “Usui Reiki”the a methods developed by Dr. Mikao Usui. The Usui System of Reiki Healing is a practice that involves hands-on body, hand closely hovering body (hands-off), or distance/beaming healing sessions. Through the Reiki process, practitioners use their Spiritual/Universal energy for healing.

All Reiki practitioners are trained and certified in Reiki healing, however practitioners do not need to have any spiritual training to practice reiki. Reiki practitioners act only as channels through which Spiritual/Universal Life Force Energy flows into areas where there are blockages within an client’s energy field. This makes Reiki available to everyone. However, it is highly recommended, based on your personal spiritual beliefs and/or practices it is important to have a consultation with your Reiki practitioner and inquire about their Spiritual/Universal beliefs, to ensure you are aligned and feel safe and comfortable with your provider.

Can Reiki help me?

Reiki is an alternative therapy technique that uses spiritual/universal life force energy to balance the subtle energies within our bodies and to heal. Reiki practitioners act as a channel through which the energy travels. The intended result of receiving Reiki is for the client to become balanced in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
Reiki is a safe, non-invasive therapy. It is known to facilitate a deep state of relaxation, and can be used to manage stress, while promoting overall well-being and comfort.

Additionally, research and clinical experience show that this natural healing practice may help with treating symptoms such as:

Reiki is a complementary medical art that works well alone as well as together with other medical treatments. However, it should not be used to replace medical or mental health care or to postpone seeing a healthcare provider about a health problem. It is also highly encouraged to tell your healthcare provider about any and all therapies you are using outside of your conventional care.

What is Distance Reiki?

Distance Reiki is a type of Reiki where the practitioners send healing energy to the person receiving the Reiki energy. This works in much the same way as traditional reiki but instead a focal point, or ‘energy exchange,’ may be used to transmit healing energy from one person to another without them needing to both be physically present.
Distance Reiki works according to an ancient principle called the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all made of energy and part of a larger whole. Using the distance symbol, practitioners are able to send reiki energy across any distance in time or space.

How will I feel during a Reiki session?

Every session is unique and personalized to the individual. Some clients describe sensations of warmth, vibration, imagery, or pulsing. Others describe a sense of deep relaxation.
If you are new to Reiki, begin your Reiki session with an open mind. I know this is all new to you and you may be having a lot of anxious thoughts such as, “When’s it gonna start?”; “I don’t feel anything?” or, “Is this stuff for real?” It is hard to simply turn these thoughts off and clear your mind. However, try your best to relax, breathe, meditate. If you start your session with anxious thoughts, then you will not be in the best frame of mind to relax and enjoy the best experience.
Keep in mind everyone is unique and everyone’s experience will be unique. Although, I can share my story, just as a million others, each one a little different, it’s impossible to tell you what and how you will experience your Reiki session.

Ready to have Reiki practiced on you?

Remember that Reiki is a very gentle and non-invasive process. Receive Reiki sessions for general health, spiritual healing, emotional balance & more either virtually or at our office in Duluth, GA! Bring your thoughts or topic(s) that you would like addressed during the session.

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